School Information

1-Name of the school with address :               West Central Railway Senior Secondary School

                                                                         New Yard Itarsi,

Dist. Hoshangabad

M.P. 461115


  • E-Mail                                                    
  • Website                                                 
  • PHONE No.                                                     07572-265022
  • Fax No.                                                            07572-265022

2-  Year of establishment of school                       1967

3- Whether NOC  from state /UT                           NIL

or Recommendation of embassy

of India obtained ?

  • NOC NO.                                                            Central Gov. Establishment
  • NOC issuing date ……..
  1. Is the school is reconignized,                            Yes, CBSE

if yes  by which Authority                                          New Delhi


  1. Status of affiliation :

Permentent / Regular / Provisional                          Reguler

  • Affiliation No.                                                       1080011
  • Affiliation with the board since                             1981
  • Extension of Affiliation up to                                2022
  1. Name of trust / Society /Company Govt.of India (Under Ministry of Railway)

Registered under Section  25 of

the Company Act ,1956.Provide

upto which Registration of trust

of Society is Valid


  1. List of Member of School Local Advisory Committee

Managing Committee with their

Address/  tenure and post held


S No. Member Name Address Post in VMC
02 KURIAKOSE MATHEW Principal, RailwaySchool, New Yard Itarsi-461115 SECRETARY
03 PRAKASH PAL New Yard Itarsi -461115 TREASURER
04 DEEPA MEHRA New Yard Itarsi -461115 MEMBER
05 SARTAJ HUSAIN New Yard Itarsi -461115 MEMBER


  1. Name and official address of the                Shri   WANCHHIT  KHARE

Manager / President /Chairman /                     Sr.DEE (TRS)

Correspondent                                                  New Yard, Itarsi

Dist. Hoshangabad (M.P.)-461115

  • E-mail                                                 
  • PHONE No.                                                   07572265179
  • Fax No                                                           07572265179


  1. Area of School Campus

(i)  In Acres                                                         7

(ii) In Sq. mtrs.                                                   28327.9948

(iii)Built up area  (Sq. mtrs.)                              1835

(iv)Area of Play Ground in Sq. mtrs.                 26165

(v)Other Facilities

(i)Swimming Pool                                             No

(ii)Indore games                                               Chess, Caramboard, table tanis,badmintan

(iii)Dance Rooms                                             Yes

(iv)Gymnasium                                                 No

(v)Music Rooms                                               Yes

(vi)Hostels                                                        No

(vii)Health and medical  Checkup                    Yes


10.Detail of  Fee  structure

Class Fee
AF SDF(Once a year)
I to V 300/-Month 100
VI to VIII 400/-Month 100
IX & X 400/-Month 100
XI & XII 400/-Month 100


11.Transport facility

1. Own buses                                                         NO

2.  Bus hired on contract basis                              NO

3.  Details on transport change                               NO

12 particulars of teaching staff

S.No Name Design Date of Birth Date of Appointment Trained/Un-trained Probation /Confirmed
01 SANJAY DESHMUKH PGT 13.01.1970 10.07.1996 Trained Confirmed
02 G.R.Sharma PGT 04.05.1970 21.11.1996 Trained Confirmed
03 U. C. Swarnkar CT 30.06.1964 14.02.1985 Trained Confirmed
04 Dr. L. k. Soni TGT 21.04.1961 07.03.2000 Trained Confirmed
05 Jayant Badge PTI 31.05.1972 11.08.2009 Trained Confirmed
06 P.L.Gupta TGT 30.09.1964 26.12.1996 Trained Confirmed
07 D.D.Ahirwar TGT 05.10.1965 13.09.1995 Trained Confirmed
08 S.N.Patel TGT 12.12.1968 25.06.2001 Trained Confirmed
09 V.K.Gautam TGT 05.09.1973 24.08.2001 Trained Confirmed
10 R.R. Karne H.M. 17.01.1963 10.10.1997 Trained Confirmed
11 U.K.Gupta PRT 09.10.1963 08.01.1992 Trained Confirmed
12 Vinay Kumar Singh PRT 05.05.1964 01.05.1995 Trained Confirmed
13 Shashi Bhatiya PRT 20.08.1963 20.11.2004 Trained Confirmed
14 Rashmi Bhargav PRT 08.12.1974 26.05.2007 Trained Confirmed
15 Seema Singh PRT 10.04.1975 17.03.2009 Trained Confirmed
16 Prakash Kishor Pal PRT 16.11.1982 06.07.2007 Trained Confirmed
17 Suresh Kumar Korde PRT Trained Confirmed
18 S P Pandey PRT Trained Confirmed
19 ANKITA SONI PGT 06.06.2020 Trained Contract
20 SONA RAIKWAR PGT 06.06.2020 Trained Contract
21 ANURADHA DUBEY PGT 06.06.2020 Trained Contract
22 NALINI JAISWAL PGT 06.06.2020 Trained Contract
23 POOJA MAWAR TGT 20.06.1991 06.06.2020 Trained Contract
24 AMIT SAHU TGT Trained Contract
24 Kamini Malviya TGT Trained Contract
25 Nisha Priyadarshani PRT Trained Contract
26 Mahvish Quereshi PRT Trained Contract
27 Priti Pathak PRT Trained Contract



13 detail of salary being by the school to teaching staff/non –teaching staff (to be updated time to time)

Designation Scale of pay Grade pay % of D.A HRA EPF  contribution
PGT As per rule of central govt.(vii cpc) As per rule of central govt.(vii cpc) As per rule of central govt.(vii cpc) As per rule of central govt.(vii cpc) As per rule of central govt
TGT    ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–
PRT  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–
LAB Asst  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–
O.S  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–
Peon  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–
Choukidar  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–
Safaiwala  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–
Aaya  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–  ——do—–


14.Mode of payment of salary

1.Name of the Bank through which salary is  drawing                         SBI,PNB,CANARA BANK,BOI

  1. Through single cheque transfer advice (Bulk Transfer)                 —
  2. Individual cheque No                                                                     —-
  3. Cash No                                                                                         —-


  1. library facilities

(i) Size of the library in sq.feet                                                              1000 sq. feet

(ii)  No. of periodicals                                                                              2

(iii)  No of Dailes                                                                                     2

(iv)   No of Reference books class-wise                                               1450

(v)  No of magazine                                                                                 17

(vi) Other                                                                                                 —


  1. Name of the Grievance/ Redressal Officer Sr. DPO

With E-mail , Ph.No, Fax No.                                                            Bhopal Division ,W.C.Rly Jabalpur


17.Member of Sexual Harassment Committee

I)Sr. DCM,Bhopal , West Central Railway ,Jbp.

ii)Sr.DMO,Bhopal , West Central Railway ,Jbp.


  1. Section wise enrolment of school for the current session


Class Section Enrolment
K.G l
K.G.ll 42
l 35
ll 32
lll 44
lV 41
V 47
Vl A 27
B 25
Vll A 32
B 33
Vlll A 40
B 39
lX A 34
B 32
X A 25
B 26
Xl A 18
B 26
Xll 19


19.Academic Session period                       from 01 April  to 31 March

20.Vacation period                                       from 06 May to 24 June

21. Admission period                                    from  Feb to July

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