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                    HISTORY OF INSTITUTION

            The school was opened in 1967 in RB- I type quarter where G F M Nazmi was the only teacher. School was extended up to pre-middle section and was formally inaugurated by the then Hon’ble Education Minister  Mrs.  Sushila Dixit. In 1971 Miss C.A. James was appointed school’s first Head mistress.  Later school  was upgraded up to  higher secondary  level on the demand of railway employees and the first batch  of  Art stream  appeared  in  the  Board  examination  in 1974.  School was shifted   in the   present   building in 1977.Initially the School was affiliated to Madhya Pradesh state board education Bhopal.  In 1981 school was affiliated to CBSE. Presently school’s affiliation is valid up to March 31, 2022 and its affiliation No. is 1080011 and school code No. is 54004 .


Vision-Our Alumni to set norms of excellence in social values and ethical practices worth emulating.


To provide quality and relevant education as economically as possible. To reach out to every strata of Society. To ensure that lack of resources do not prevent the deserving from getting the services of the school.


  1. To be a model of academic excellence
  2. To provide education which is experiential and transformational in character, rather than imparting knowledge and skills alone
  3. Developing an active social conscience in students and an inclination to render selfless service to others


         The plan provides for a spacious school building, play grounds and gardens. The main building is in L shape. There is an open court yard in the front of building.  The rooms are bright and colorful. Pre-school children use Montessori apparatus for the activities and make use of outdoor play .A children’s park with slides, see-saw, swings and other plaything provides recreational facilities to young children.

        Rectangle shape of the well-illuminated and ventilated classrooms ensures minimum distance between the teacher and the taught. The School has fully equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and Maths labs.

      Grounds/courts for football, cricket and Kho-Kho have been developed. We also provide facilities for indoor games like Badminton , table tennis, carom etc.




            Well stacked library is at the disposal of students. Different sections are made in which all types of books are available for reference, fiction, journals, magazine etc. students get best possible material to work with and are also given ample opportunities for the same.



Instead of a general annual health check up and reporting to the parents about the problem identified, we feel that students’ health should be monitored with point of view of his/her growth of view of his/Her growth and learning ability and any deteorating  trend noticed. Any noticeable trend is brought to the notice of parents.  Arrangement for health check up  has been made in Railway Hospital at New Yard Itarsi under supervision of qualified doctors.



            Sick room facility is available. There is arrangement of treating minor injuries. In case of doubt of any  immediate medical need, arrangement has been made at Railway Hospital,  parents of  the students are informed about the sickness of the child if it is felt that student needs to be taken home and medically attended by family physician or specialist or a hospitalization is called for.


Activity Period

            Every day an hour’s activity period, which is compulsory for students of classes III – X, revitalizes the students and prepares them for the day ahead. They have a bouquet of sports and non sports activities to choose from. Activity period is held in addition to regular P.T. Classes.

Inter & Intra School competitions

            A variety of Inter house and Inter school competitions are held throughout the session. These competitions give an opportunity to the students not only to participate but in the process develop confidence in them. School teams are encouraged to participate in various interschool competitions organized by CBSE at cluster (regional) and national levels as well as railways’ zonal level.

Proficiency Development camps

            The school has started conducting summer camps for training the existing teams as it is not possible to work on the existing teams, be it sports or non sports, during the school timings as the students get busy in academics. Expert coaches are engaged to train and develop skills so that they can compete at all levels.

Guest speakers

            Guest speakers who have distinguished themselves in various fields are invited to address the students from time to time. Topics related to awareness, career, motivation etc are taken up. Ex students are also invited to address the students for motivating them for life ahead, giving tips on how to face competitive examinations.


            Excursions are planned every year to various places of historical, cultural, scientific importance in the country. This activity helps the students to develop self confidence, learn the values of independence and co-operation

Scout and Guide

            This is one of the regular activities of the school. It is compulsory from class I to X to have scout and guide uniform. They are trained systematically in Pravesh, in 3 Sopaans, then they are sent for Rajyapaal and Rashtrapati Puruskaar. They also participate in Jamboories of national and international level. Scout and Guide also help at railway station during the months of May and June, water huts put up on to offer cool drinking water to the needy.










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